Jan. 6th, 2010

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I think I hate them.

People call them monsters, and... I think I understand why now. They lose their hearts so they can kill without conscience. That's what people say, at least. They can kill without feeling anything because they don't have feelings. Is it in exchange for their powers?

My brother became a Contractor after an accident. I haven't seen his real smile since that night in Siberia when he promised he would protect me. When I told him about how Nika confessed to Tanya, he couldn't understand love. Not... not in the same way as me, but in a way that he couldn't understand why a person would love. And he called Mama an "unnecessary person".

When Tanya became a Contractor, she tried to hurt Nika. Nika, who had just confessed that she liked her the day earlier. They had walked home together holding hands and laughing that day. When she became a Contractor, it was like she forgot everything.

I hate them. I hate Contractors for taking away Shion and Tanya— No, I hate the Gates for taking them away. I hate the Contractor who killed my Papa and tied me up. Even though he-

Can they even feel pain anymore?

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