May. 19th, 2010

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[That thud thud noise sure isn't someone using a hammer. To the experienced ear, that's an exchange of punches. Nite Owl is in action! And it's not a simple barfight or back alley jaunt. Whatever he's into is packing a punch.]

[pant pant pant pant] That all you got? [Oh, he had to ask, there's an OOF]

[The reply isn't the sound of a returning punch- or even what could be called a blow. It's the sound of a Contractor energizing a series of projectiles, something that only be compared to this.]

The kind of line I would expect from a man.

[A woman's voice- though a low-pitched one, sounding exceedingly unamused- and suddenly more distant, having jumped back to avoid his fists and gain the room for a sword's movements]

This is your last warning. You cannot protect Shion Pavlechinko.

[ And enters a whisper of a voice, though seemingly louder due to her being closer to the speaker of the communicator. ]

Watch out, Dan!

[ ooc: In accordance with her usual poor luck, Suou re-enters the City tonight only to meet [info]wetworking who mistakes her for her twin brother, who she means to capture. However! Enter [info]2ndnightshift to save the day.... maybe. All tag responses will be forward-dated to after the fight. ]


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