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Everyone's sharing their stories today... It's nice, isn't it? No matter where we come from, we all have friends and family. And even if they're gone, we still have our memories.

... Mama lives in Japan, but she travels a lot since she's a photographer. I remember that she was beautiful. She was small and had really pretty eyes and short hair. She taught me how to fold paper cranes and her favorite phrase was: "Facing danger is better than facing the anxiety from worrying too much." It's a Japanese proverb! I haven't seen her since I was little, but I always buy her photobooks- so I know she's doing well.

My Papa is a famous scientist. He used to be a professor at a University in Moscow, but he's best known for inventing ME technology. It's used all around the world now... [ a slight pause ] Not in the way Papa meant it to be used, though.

Sometimes he's too busy to come home, but he built his labs right next to our house in Vladivostok. So I know he's always close by. And when he had time, he would take us on camping trips and Siberia-- my brother and I.

I'm not supposed to see my brother that much, since he's sick. But I do it anyways. I don't care if Papa gets mad at me. He's my brother, my twin brother. And even if he can't...

There was Bella too. She was a researcher who worked for my Papa, but one day she just started taking care of us. Her cooking was really good! And she would always ask about my day at school, and I'd tell her everything. She liked to tease me though! In good fun, of course!

... We'd always spend Christmas together. All three of us. Even after the accident.
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