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But the intelligent soul, knowing what is --- having the ability to utter the world "I," a word so full of meaning -- does not merely remain and subsist metaphysically, which it does to a greater degree than the others, but also remains the same morally and constitutes the same person...

Thus the immortality required in mortality and religion does not consist merely in this perpetual subsistence common to all substances, for without the memory of what one has been, there would be nothing desirable about it. Suppose that some person all of a sudden becomes the king of China, but only on the condition that he forgets what he has been, as if he were born anew; practically, or as far as the effects could be perceived, wouldn't that be the same as if he were annihilated and a king of China created at the same instant in his place?

That is something this individual would have no reason to desire.
- G.W Leibniz

"We can see the river."
"The one in Sapporo was bigger and it flowed faster."
"This is my memory, right?"

"So you thought I was Shion too?"
"I'm not Shion."
"I might not even be Suou."

"It wasn't as much of a shock as I thought it would be."
"Is it because I'm a Contractor?"
"Or because I'm a copy?"

"I want you to call out to me like you did then."
"'Don't shoot, Suou.'"
"I want you to say my name like you did then."
"I only know about you. Whether you're a copy or not, to me, Suou is you."

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