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[ooc: Seems like Memory Theater is popular this weekend. XD; Backdated to around 11:00 PM? sob. so late since I've been out most of this weekend. ;; ]
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Give that back right now! You have no right touch it—

[ the sounds of a clattering, various things being knocked off the table... followed by more scuffling. It doesn't sound too violent, but whatever is being knocked around is certainly in the path of some aggressive individuals. ]

Isn't it enough that you've pressed your own? You're already going to go home in exchange for someone else getting hurt. Once should be enough!

It defeats the point if you stay here, little miss.

[ there's a harsh crash and a soft 'oof,' and the sound that possibly could be small feet skittering away? It's hard to tell amidst the cacophony, since Suou is still yelling in the background- but after a three or four minutes, the sound suddenly dies away to silence ]

....Of course, you pressed it. You're a Contractor. And it's only rational to hurt someone for your own sake, right? Because going home is a good enough reason- ...You can't dream, you can't care- It's all true, isn't it?

[ooc: [ profile] straycontract pressed his box and took the initiative to press Suou's for her. Too bad it doesn't work that way. D: ]
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What are you doing

[ The voice is sharp against the quiet night, belonging to none other than the girl in the video; a girl who is currently perched on her knees, hands bound with rope behind her back. She stares at the fountain in front of her in bewilderment.]


...What? What type of trick is this? How... How can everything just disappear?

A contractor?

[ She crawls forward on her knees, moving too quickly as she falls forward onto her chest with a squeak. But she doesn't stay down for long, instead forcing herself onto her knees— appearing more angry than frightened. ]

I can't believe this! Where- Where am I? Where did you take-

[ There's an abrupt stop as something catches her eye, something in the sky- its glow fringing the black of the night. She stares for a few quiet minutes. ]

The moon? Is this... is this real moonlight? Is it really this soft and bright?

...But it's impossible.


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