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That day, when Nika asked Tanya to be his girlfriend, she first asked if it was all right with me. Tanya thought... I think, she must have thought that I liked Nika since we were always around each other. But it— it wasn't like that! The two of us were both in photography club, so we couldn't help but be together during shoots. Sometimes he would be there to help set up for meetings. And there were times when he would tease me, like when I accidentally tripped and planted my face in the snow while trying to catch a shot of a roosting crane. But we were all friends back then, all four of us. Once, there was a competition between Nika and I where we tried to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest. Even though he won I wasn't upset at all, but I think it was impossible for any of us to have been upset that day. The way Nika laughed... or that face he makes when he's too shy to say something, just like that face he made to Tanya when—

It was during the summer when Nika first showed me the clubhouse. A small, abandoned building where he kept odds and ends. We would spend afternoons together talking, or making silly plans; all sorts of plans for the future, or what new places or things we could shoot. Eventually we drifted from that place. We started going less and less, until...

When Tanya asked me, I told her it was fine. That even though Nika was a boy and got into fights, and did stupid things occasionally, he was a good guy. He has always been nice to me, and he definitely does have a good heart. And so, I knew Tanya would be happy with him. If Tanya was happy, then I would be too.

... Whenever I'm around Nika, sometimes my chest tightens so much that I forget to take a breath. As if there's something in my stomach, jumping around- dancing, and these pinpricks suddenly dot all over my arms. Whenever I see him, I don't know why, but it feels—

Later that day, when I saw Tanya walk home with Nika, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. I didn't know why. I don't know why.

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[ An alleyway tucked in the far corners of the Parisian!City is not a place where many would stray. Trash and broken bottles scattered across the floor; dilapidated hovels with broken planks for doors and gaping holes. It's not a place where Suou usually visits either. Too rough even for her. However, it is a good place if one wants to hide themselves away.

A bang echoes through the air, followed by three consecutive shots. After each clatter of sound there's the crack of shattering glass. She's firing a bullet into each bottle, lined up and spaced apart on a wall opposite to her. A bulls eye every time. ]

A moving target. This time... I know I'll be able to—

[ Her face reads deadpan, eyes narrowed with concentration. The small pistol shifts toward a new target, this time a cat milling through a pile a trash.

It's trembling as she wavers, and soon Suou's hand falls to her side in defeat. It's always like this.]

One day. One day, I'll have to do it and on that day, I can't risk to waver. Isn't that right, Ricardo?

[ She pulls to the side of the alleyway, slipping the pistol in her pocket as she leans against the side of a wall. There's a large squirrel on her shoulder, presumably the Ricardo she was speaking to. Of course it doesn't talk back (even if it is Mao uncursed).

Fingers move to clutch the necklace on her chest, nearly lucid with a tinge of gold. It certainly isn't the mark of a street urchin. ]

I'm sorry, Papa. [ The tone of her voice is far from deadpan now. ]

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Everyone's sharing their stories today... It's nice, isn't it? No matter where we come from, we all have friends and family. And even if they're gone, we still have our memories.

... Mama lives in Japan, but she travels a lot since she's a photographer. I remember that she was beautiful. She was small and had really pretty eyes and short hair. She taught me how to fold paper cranes and her favorite phrase was: "Facing danger is better than facing the anxiety from worrying too much." It's a Japanese proverb! I haven't seen her since I was little, but I always buy her photobooks- so I know she's doing well.

My Papa is a famous scientist. He used to be a professor at a University in Moscow, but he's best known for inventing ME technology. It's used all around the world now... [ a slight pause ] Not in the way Papa meant it to be used, though.

Sometimes he's too busy to come home, but he built his labs right next to our house in Vladivostok. So I know he's always close by. And when he had time, he would take us on camping trips and Siberia-- my brother and I.

I'm not supposed to see my brother that much, since he's sick. But I do it anyways. I don't care if Papa gets mad at me. He's my brother, my twin brother. And even if he can't...

There was Bella too. She was a researcher who worked for my Papa, but one day she just started taking care of us. Her cooking was really good! And she would always ask about my day at school, and I'd tell her everything. She liked to tease me though! In good fun, of course!

... We'd always spend Christmas together. All three of us. Even after the accident.
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... I had never seen the moon before.

When I took this picture, three weeks ago, it was the first time I ever saw it. I didn't think it would be so bright! We had pictures from before it disappeared, but to see the glow with your own eyes...

It's hard for me to describe. Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking-

Thirteen years ago was when the moon disappeared with all the stars. The stars came back, but they were all a fabrication. I've always wondered what makes the fake stars different from the real ones. Maybe they were brighter? There must have been a lot more in the sky, and they didn't fall as often. I haven't even seen one fall since I've come here...

The day they vanished was when the Gates appeared. The one in Brazil was named "Heaven's Gate" and the one in Tokyo was called "Hell's Gate." But they're not really gates- that's just a nickname. They are areas which suddenly became inaccessible; everything around them was destroyed and weird phenomena began to occur within their limits.

In a single night, everything changed for people all over the world. And everything is still changing. There was a huge war where countries fought for control over the Gates. Papa said part of the reason was because of the abnormal substances inside of them... and because of the knowledge that can be gained from studying them. But the truth is that no one really understands the Gates yet, no one understands why the stars disappeared, why all the satellites suddenly vanished, why the moon went away...

They say "You can retrieve what you lost from the Gate." I've always wondered what that meant.

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