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... I had never seen the moon before.

When I took this picture, three weeks ago, it was the first time I ever saw it. I didn't think it would be so bright! We had pictures from before it disappeared, but to see the glow with your own eyes...

It's hard for me to describe. Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking-

Thirteen years ago was when the moon disappeared with all the stars. The stars came back, but they were all a fabrication. I've always wondered what makes the fake stars different from the real ones. Maybe they were brighter? There must have been a lot more in the sky, and they didn't fall as often. I haven't even seen one fall since I've come here...

The day they vanished was when the Gates appeared. The one in Brazil was named "Heaven's Gate" and the one in Tokyo was called "Hell's Gate." But they're not really gates- that's just a nickname. They are areas which suddenly became inaccessible; everything around them was destroyed and weird phenomena began to occur within their limits.

In a single night, everything changed for people all over the world. And everything is still changing. There was a huge war where countries fought for control over the Gates. Papa said part of the reason was because of the abnormal substances inside of them... and because of the knowledge that can be gained from studying them. But the truth is that no one really understands the Gates yet, no one understands why the stars disappeared, why all the satellites suddenly vanished, why the moon went away...

They say "You can retrieve what you lost from the Gate." I've always wondered what that meant.

[ooc: Picture by this talented photographer. ♥ ]


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