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[ ☄ private audio ]

If it's not a dream, then why am I here? Who are the deities? Why did they bring all of us here? Where are we? Why do they curse us? How do they curse us? Do they even have a reason?

I don't understand.

Why did they have to take me now? Right when Shion and...

... I wish I didn't have to waste all this time thinking. I wish I could do something- anything in this place, but the best thing I can do is think. Right?

[ an abrupt switch to private text ]

▸ Where would Shion go? How do I get to him?
▸ Why would they be after him? Who are they?
Why did Papa--
▸ How do I get away?

[ it switches back ]

Can I even find answers here? Or is waiting the only thing I can do? Time doesn't move forward in this place...

Why? Why did everything have to come to this? I hate this. I want to go home, I want to find Shion, I want to check on Nika, I want to do something— Why? When can I go home?

I wish it wasn't so quiet here.


First off-

Is anyone hiring? I know I'm young and I don't have many skills yet, but I know I can be useful! I'm responsible, and I promise to do whatever you tell me- and you don't have to pay me a lot.

Or if anyone is looking for a photographer, I can do that too. If you need to take pictures for their business or do personal portraits... I'm not a pro, but that means I won't charge so much.

Thank you!

- Suou Pavlichenko / 蘇芳・パブリチェンコ

It doesn't seem cold enough to be winter, but then it's not as if I'm in Russia. The weather is still chilly enough for Sbiten though. I probably could drink it all the time- summer, winter, fall, or spring! I'll need cardamon, cinnamon, honey, apricot jam, ginger, chili... it won't be as good as Bella's, but I bet it'll still taste fine.

[ profile] 2ndnighshift, I finished editing your pictures today. I should have asked him for his last name. They all turned out really great, especially the air shots! I'll give you a CD for now, but I can print them out for you once I find a printer.

I'm also nearly done editing all the pictures from our trip, [ profile] playstheblues. Thank you for being such a good sport, even if I must have been annoying after awhile. The best shots are often the surprise ones, did you know?

[ooc: Pretend it's forward dated to 9:00 am or so? ]
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