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Each unanswered day, the time that simply passes by-- What will happen beyond now? )

taken from the beginning of episode 3; the morning she wakes up after rescuing hei
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Here is the ever handy-dandy Critique & Contact post. Have suggestions, questions, or critique for how I play Suou Pavlichenko? Whatever it is, feel free to hit me up on this post. ♥ Comments will be screened.

Also, here's where to go if you ever need to contact me regarding plotting, dropped tags, or if you just want to get in touch with me. Feel free to give me a poke here, along with any of these contacts:

AIM: along cat is long
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Personal LJ: [ profile] ignipotent
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Am I broken-

After all this time, nothing has really changed. Almost two months? Even a single day can be a long time.

I still receive those checks. Why do they give me us free money?


Sometimes I wonder. What makes a person a person?

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[That thud thud noise sure isn't someone using a hammer. To the experienced ear, that's an exchange of punches. Nite Owl is in action! And it's not a simple barfight or back alley jaunt. Whatever he's into is packing a punch.]

[pant pant pant pant] That all you got? [Oh, he had to ask, there's an OOF]

[The reply isn't the sound of a returning punch- or even what could be called a blow. It's the sound of a Contractor energizing a series of projectiles, something that only be compared to this.]

The kind of line I would expect from a man.

[A woman's voice- though a low-pitched one, sounding exceedingly unamused- and suddenly more distant, having jumped back to avoid his fists and gain the room for a sword's movements]

This is your last warning. You cannot protect Shion Pavlechinko.

[ And enters a whisper of a voice, though seemingly louder due to her being closer to the speaker of the communicator. ]

Watch out, Dan!

[ ooc: In accordance with her usual poor luck, Suou re-enters the City tonight only to meet [info]wetworking who mistakes her for her twin brother, who she means to capture. However! Enter [info]2ndnightshift to save the day.... maybe. All tag responses will be forward-dated to after the fight. ]
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That day, when Nika asked Tanya to be his girlfriend, she first asked if it was all right with me. Tanya thought... I think, she must have thought that I liked Nika since we were always around each other. But it— it wasn't like that! The two of us were both in photography club, so we couldn't help but be together during shoots. Sometimes he would be there to help set up for meetings. And there were times when he would tease me, like when I accidentally tripped and planted my face in the snow while trying to catch a shot of a roosting crane. But we were all friends back then, all four of us. Once, there was a competition between Nika and I where we tried to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest. Even though he won I wasn't upset at all, but I think it was impossible for any of us to have been upset that day. The way Nika laughed... or that face he makes when he's too shy to say something, just like that face he made to Tanya when—

It was during the summer when Nika first showed me the clubhouse. A small, abandoned building where he kept odds and ends. We would spend afternoons together talking, or making silly plans; all sorts of plans for the future, or what new places or things we could shoot. Eventually we drifted from that place. We started going less and less, until...

When Tanya asked me, I told her it was fine. That even though Nika was a boy and got into fights, and did stupid things occasionally, he was a good guy. He has always been nice to me, and he definitely does have a good heart. And so, I knew Tanya would be happy with him. If Tanya was happy, then I would be too.

... Whenever I'm around Nika, sometimes my chest tightens so much that I forget to take a breath. As if there's something in my stomach, jumping around- dancing, and these pinpricks suddenly dot all over my arms. Whenever I see him, I don't know why, but it feels—

Later that day, when I saw Tanya walk home with Nika, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. I didn't know why. I don't know why.

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☄ private )

Is there an aquarium in the City? Or something like one? I've been here nearly five months, but I don't think I've seen one.
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☄ audio | not private thanks to no inner monologue curse )

Excuse me— I have a few questions. Proper questions this time, if any of you wouldn't mind answering?

To anyone who has left the City, have any of you been able to bring things back from the City?

And... just because a person hasn't seen you in a long time, that doesn't mean they don't like you. If it's someone you love, someone who you know loved you- being far apart for along time doesn't change anything. Right?

[ooc: Affected by No Inner Monologue Curse. ALSO I apologize for the constant baaaaaaw with her-- it's canon and fitting since she will be getting an update soon. So, yes. Thank you. ♥ ;3; ]
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Shion, are you there? Bella?

Papa? Mama?

Are any of you out there? One of you?

Please. I want to see all of you. I need to find Shion. I want to say goodbye to Bella. To Papa. I want to meet Mama.

And if you are there, will you take me home with you? If it is possible?

Do I really want to leave and return that?

But Shion—

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[ An alleyway tucked in the far corners of the Parisian!City is not a place where many would stray. Trash and broken bottles scattered across the floor; dilapidated hovels with broken planks for doors and gaping holes. It's not a place where Suou usually visits either. Too rough even for her. However, it is a good place if one wants to hide themselves away.

A bang echoes through the air, followed by three consecutive shots. After each clatter of sound there's the crack of shattering glass. She's firing a bullet into each bottle, lined up and spaced apart on a wall opposite to her. A bulls eye every time. ]

A moving target. This time... I know I'll be able to—

[ Her face reads deadpan, eyes narrowed with concentration. The small pistol shifts toward a new target, this time a cat milling through a pile a trash.

It's trembling as she wavers, and soon Suou's hand falls to her side in defeat. It's always like this.]

One day. One day, I'll have to do it and on that day, I can't risk to waver. Isn't that right, Ricardo?

[ She pulls to the side of the alleyway, slipping the pistol in her pocket as she leans against the side of a wall. There's a large squirrel on her shoulder, presumably the Ricardo she was speaking to. Of course it doesn't talk back (even if it is Mao uncursed).

Fingers move to clutch the necklace on her chest, nearly lucid with a tinge of gold. It certainly isn't the mark of a street urchin. ]

I'm sorry, Papa. [ The tone of her voice is far from deadpan now. ]

[ SCREAM I AM SORRY FOR LATENESS. My indecision + Firefox crashed just as I was about to post soobalhsjfhs. /destroys firefox. Feel free to audio or []. Also, basic backstory. ]
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I don't like it when people won't tell me things, like they think I'm not old enough to understand. Papa used to tell me all sorts of things! Things that some adults wouldn't even know!

This means I'll have to find out myself:

✩ Why is "a butt you can bounce a quarter" a good thing?

✩ What does it mean if a Kentucky derby winner is "hung"?

✩ What would a guy want a girl to "put out"?

Stores put out products, cars put out exhaust, humans put out... energy? Effort? Love? Kentucky is a place in America, right? A derby is a horse race-- so why would the winner of the race be "hung"? Wouldn't he be happy? Or if it's the horse, wouldn't it be tired? And I don't get the first one at all.

Maybe the network isn't translating her English right.

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There's something I've been thinking about.

When I - all of us leave, we could lose our memories. It would be like none of this ever happened. But memories are what make us who we are. The way we are now- it's because of all the people we've met and all the things we've experienced. That's why I don't want to forget.

Most of all, I don't want to forget everyone I've met here. Almost three months of memories and people that can't be replaced. There's nothing I can do to stop the City from taking them away, and that's why I have to save as much as I can.

Could I take pictures of everyone?

Even people I've barely met! I want to save everything I can so I can bring them back with me. I'll promise they'll be good shots, and maybe I could even take a group shot of all my friends. At least I can take pieces back with me.
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I think I hate them.

People call them monsters, and... I think I understand why now. They lose their hearts so they can kill without conscience. That's what people say, at least. They can kill without feeling anything because they don't have feelings. Is it in exchange for their powers?

My brother became a Contractor after an accident. I haven't seen his real smile since that night in Siberia when he promised he would protect me. When I told him about how Nika confessed to Tanya, he couldn't understand love. Not... not in the same way as me, but in a way that he couldn't understand why a person would love. And he called Mama an "unnecessary person".

When Tanya became a Contractor, she tried to hurt Nika. Nika, who had just confessed that she liked her the day earlier. They had walked home together holding hands and laughing that day. When she became a Contractor, it was like she forgot everything.

I hate them. I hate Contractors for taking away Shion and Tanya— No, I hate the Gates for taking them away. I hate the Contractor who killed my Papa and tied me up. Even though he-

Can they even feel pain anymore?

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Everyone's sharing their stories today... It's nice, isn't it? No matter where we come from, we all have friends and family. And even if they're gone, we still have our memories.

... Mama lives in Japan, but she travels a lot since she's a photographer. I remember that she was beautiful. She was small and had really pretty eyes and short hair. She taught me how to fold paper cranes and her favorite phrase was: "Facing danger is better than facing the anxiety from worrying too much." It's a Japanese proverb! I haven't seen her since I was little, but I always buy her photobooks- so I know she's doing well.

My Papa is a famous scientist. He used to be a professor at a University in Moscow, but he's best known for inventing ME technology. It's used all around the world now... [ a slight pause ] Not in the way Papa meant it to be used, though.

Sometimes he's too busy to come home, but he built his labs right next to our house in Vladivostok. So I know he's always close by. And when he had time, he would take us on camping trips and Siberia-- my brother and I.

I'm not supposed to see my brother that much, since he's sick. But I do it anyways. I don't care if Papa gets mad at me. He's my brother, my twin brother. And even if he can't...

There was Bella too. She was a researcher who worked for my Papa, but one day she just started taking care of us. Her cooking was really good! And she would always ask about my day at school, and I'd tell her everything. She liked to tease me though! In good fun, of course!

... We'd always spend Christmas together. All three of us. Even after the accident.
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[ There's really no reason to be wandering across the square this late at night. But it's better than going home to where it's too quiet, even with Mao and the television snapped on. And the walls are far too much like those walls—

She heads toward a shop display filled with glass bobbles painted red, green, and blue for the holidays. ]

... I wonder if Mao would want a tree.

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[ There's dirt in her hair, clinging to her clothes, streaked across her face- dirt even covering the flying squirrel laying on her head. Kneeling beside a tombstone and a suspicious hole, Suou would nearly be stock-still if it wasn't for her coughing. But the sound eventually subsides into silence, hanging there for a few minutes, until Suou suddenly springs up with a start and a loud, frustrated cry. ]

What- What was that? WHAT WAS THAT?

How could they do such a thing? Three days in there and then suddenly- Suddenly. That... that wasn't home at all, that was—

[ It's anger, anger, and more anger, but if you look closely, you might notice her hands trembling. ]

... What kind of place is this? What kind of place would do such a thing? Why would they? ...It was like a tomb.

[ She raises a dirty hand to wipe at her eyes. ]

I- I just wanted to go home.

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[☄ private audio ] )

First off-

Is anyone hiring? I know I'm young and I don't have many skills yet, but I know I can be useful! I'm responsible, and I promise to do whatever you tell me- and you don't have to pay me a lot.

Or if anyone is looking for a photographer, I can do that too. If you need to take pictures for their business or do personal portraits... I'm not a pro, but that means I won't charge so much.

Thank you!

- Suou Pavlichenko / 蘇芳・パブリチェンコ

It doesn't seem cold enough to be winter, but then it's not as if I'm in Russia. The weather is still chilly enough for Sbiten though. I probably could drink it all the time- summer, winter, fall, or spring! I'll need cardamon, cinnamon, honey, apricot jam, ginger, chili... it won't be as good as Bella's, but I bet it'll still taste fine.

[ profile] 2ndnighshift, I finished editing your pictures today. I should have asked him for his last name. They all turned out really great, especially the air shots! I'll give you a CD for now, but I can print them out for you once I find a printer.

I'm also nearly done editing all the pictures from our trip, [ profile] playstheblues. Thank you for being such a good sport, even if I must have been annoying after awhile. The best shots are often the surprise ones, did you know?

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... I had never seen the moon before.

When I took this picture, three weeks ago, it was the first time I ever saw it. I didn't think it would be so bright! We had pictures from before it disappeared, but to see the glow with your own eyes...

It's hard for me to describe. Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking-

Thirteen years ago was when the moon disappeared with all the stars. The stars came back, but they were all a fabrication. I've always wondered what makes the fake stars different from the real ones. Maybe they were brighter? There must have been a lot more in the sky, and they didn't fall as often. I haven't even seen one fall since I've come here...

The day they vanished was when the Gates appeared. The one in Brazil was named "Heaven's Gate" and the one in Tokyo was called "Hell's Gate." But they're not really gates- that's just a nickname. They are areas which suddenly became inaccessible; everything around them was destroyed and weird phenomena began to occur within their limits.

In a single night, everything changed for people all over the world. And everything is still changing. There was a huge war where countries fought for control over the Gates. Papa said part of the reason was because of the abnormal substances inside of them... and because of the knowledge that can be gained from studying them. But the truth is that no one really understands the Gates yet, no one understands why the stars disappeared, why all the satellites suddenly vanished, why the moon went away...

They say "You can retrieve what you lost from the Gate." I've always wondered what that meant.

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