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[ An alleyway tucked in the far corners of the Parisian!City is not a place where many would stray. Trash and broken bottles scattered across the floor; dilapidated hovels with broken planks for doors and gaping holes. It's not a place where Suou usually visits either. Too rough even for her. However, it is a good place if one wants to hide themselves away.

A bang echoes through the air, followed by three consecutive shots. After each clatter of sound there's the crack of shattering glass. She's firing a bullet into each bottle, lined up and spaced apart on a wall opposite to her. A bulls eye every time. ]

A moving target. This time... I know I'll be able to—

[ Her face reads deadpan, eyes narrowed with concentration. The small pistol shifts toward a new target, this time a cat milling through a pile a trash.

It's trembling as she wavers, and soon Suou's hand falls to her side in defeat. It's always like this.]

One day. One day, I'll have to do it and on that day, I can't risk to waver. Isn't that right, Ricardo?

[ She pulls to the side of the alleyway, slipping the pistol in her pocket as she leans against the side of a wall. There's a large squirrel on her shoulder, presumably the Ricardo she was speaking to. Of course it doesn't talk back (even if it is Mao uncursed).

Fingers move to clutch the necklace on her chest, nearly lucid with a tinge of gold. It certainly isn't the mark of a street urchin. ]

I'm sorry, Papa. [ The tone of her voice is far from deadpan now. ]

[ SCREAM I AM SORRY FOR LATENESS. My indecision + Firefox crashed just as I was about to post soobalhsjfhs. /destroys firefox. Feel free to audio or []. Also, basic backstory. ]


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